“In My Daughter’s Eyes” Contest Entry

My relationship with my daughter began at conception with the love of any mother. However fear quickly invaded when we found out that Tarenne would be born with Down syndrome. I didn’t know what to expect and prayed that I would be strong enough to accept God’s will for this child’s life.

I needn’t have worried. Tarenne will never witness that fear in my eyes. Nothing could have prepared me for the changes she would bring. At 9 months old I said that if she never accomplished more than she had at that age, she would have done more than most; she had saved my soul. She indeed was sent to rescue me! I know strength and wisdom that God has given me simply through this child’s eyes, which I would never have known otherwise.

Tarenne is my light. It’s hard to be sad when you’re in the presence of someone who loves unconditionally. The world would be a peaceful place if everyone knew the love of another who loves in this way. When I do let the whisperings of the world cloud my judgment all I need is a few minutes alone with this child who has so many gifts to share. Her presence melts my heart and clears my mind.

Since Tarenne was born, she has made her own way. Her achievements are indeed on her own timeline, but the effort that she exudes and her spirit ensure that she never gives up. I used to dread the arrival of the day when I could no longer hold her on my hip and protect her from the world. However she has taught me that we will walk hand in hand. I will show her the ways of the world and she will show me the ways of heaven!

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