The Red Dishes

He Keeps Talking to Me!!

A few weeks ago I was having a bad day. Darrah was being unusually ornery and I just kept thinking "how does God think I can handle a child with special needs when I can't handle a "normal" one?".

My good friend Tracey called and we talked about our spiritual lives and she also encouraged me to get out alone that evening. So I started conversing with God and took Tracey's advice and went shopping alone.

On the way I was teary eyed, just generally feeling sorry for myself. I was feeling very alone in a new town, and just heavy hearted.

I stopped in Pier 1 first to look for red dishes to replace some of our cracked ones. I bought a few and then headed to Marshalls.

I saw a really cute man about our age and his adorable little boy who was about one year old. They were having a great time shopping together and I became jealous, a feeling I hear I should expect to happen fairly often for awhile. I was thinking poor me thoughts like "oh isn't that nice, he has a healthy kid, probably a beautiful wife and cute kids. Why can't we have another healthy baby".

I then continued my shopping heading back to the kids clothing section.The man crossed my path again, and I watched as he went over to his wife. I could only see her back and a cute little girl about 7 walking beside her cart.

She then swung the cart around and there sitting in the cart was another adorable little girl about 5 who had Down syndrome.

I started laughing and crying all at the same time, realizing that God was right there with me showing me that this man did indeed have the perfect family. The family that He wanted him to have. I got chills all over my body. As my high continued I thanked God and said "okay if it's really you, then give me some red dishes".

I was walking back to that section just to check. Now keep in mind that my dishes were one of my splurges while working at Toyota and I have never seen them anywhere other than Crate N Barrel and Spiegel catalogues. As I turned the corner to the aisle, there in front of me were four red dishes exactly like mine. Same brand, same color. Amazing! They were just the salad plates, which we really didn't need but I bought them anyway. He didn't want to spoil me. Again I laughed and thanked Him for being so present in our lives.

My father told my sister "well God didn't know those plates were going to be there". My answer to him was "if He can create the universe He can stock red plates at Marshalls knowing I'd be in there."

He is wonderful, we just need to really listen to Him when He tries to talk to us. Already Tarenne has given me the gift of drawing closer to His love because I need him so much. I can't wait to see what other blessings she will bring to our lives!

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