Our Birth Plan

Requests for Labor and Delivery-For Nicole M

Special circumstances: Our baby has Down syndrome-heart ultrasound revealed 90% chance of a healthy heart, no other known existing health problems, so the delivery should be uneventful for the baby.

We are doing the cord cell savings. Instructions for the nursing staff as well as the doctors will be provided upon arrival. Extra blood will need to be collected from me at admission.

I have tested positive for Strep B and will need to be given the appropriate antibiotics. I would appreciate having a heparin lock or any other technology which enables me to remain mobile.

I would like to have an electric double breast pump in the room, as babies w/Down syndrome often times have problems latching on. I would also appreciate a visit w/ a lactation consultant during my stay. Under NO circumstances should the baby be given water or formula. I would also like to try to nurse immediately at birth barring any medical problems for the baby or me.

I am going to attempt a natural birth, as I was not satisfied with my first delivery in which I had an epidural. Please do not offer me pain medication. My husband or I will ask for it if I change my mind. I will also be open to my doctor’s guidance along these lines. I would love to avoid an episiotomy and would appreciate any guidance or methods used to do so.

I would like to have a squat bar in the room. I have been advised that my first labor may have progressed more quickly had I changed positions. I would love to have reminders to try different positions at appropriate times.

With my first pregnancy, my placenta was manually extracted and a piece adhered. My previous doctor has advised me that I have a 40% chance of this happening again. I would appreciate being given the appropriate amount of time for it to deliver on it’s own. I also wanted my caregivers to be aware of this so that proper treatment could be given.

We have 2 sisters who are flying in for the delivery, and I would love it if they can both be in the room at the time of delivery. We would like to take photos and video as soon as we are able.

Most of all I want the nursing staff to know that we are overjoyed with our special blessing. We welcome any questions and/or visitors who are interested in our situation. We are aware that it is a rare occurrence for a couple to know ahead of time about their baby having Down syndrome. One of my best friends is a labor and delivery nurse and expressed to me that even after years of being in her profession, she has remained uncomfortable with these circumstances, until she has been through this journey with us. Please do not feel any hesitation to rejoice with us in our daughter’s new life. Thank you!

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Milk Mama said...

I like this birth plan. with our daughter I didn't have one... oh how I've learned!